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Olivia Piazza

Lead Product Designer at

Area of Expertise: Product, UX

Career Level: Early

Ask Me About: Product Design, Project Management, Startup Culture, Remote Work/Teams, Career Transitions, Women in the Workplace

I’ve never been a “defined career path” kind of woman. My education/jobs were inspired by topics I liked to study and work environments that suited/challenged my personality. COVID put my career into a tailspin but now I’m better for it! I am now the first Product Designer at a ~40 person startup leading the web design team, plus I manage the team of remote devs/designers.

Let’s talk about anything and everything – careers, politics, feminism, plants, mental health, travel, home decor – I love it all!

Nina Kalwar

Product Manager at Deloitte Digital

Area of Expertise: Leadership

Career Level: Mid

Ask Me About: Books, Career Management, Product Fundamentals, Interview Prep

I’m Nina – an experienced Product Manager dedicated to delivering mission-focused products to my users. I’m currently a PM at Deloitte Digital where I serve a variety of users across industries and technologies – and I love what I do! I have direct experience building mobile, web and CMS products from discovery to launch across both B2B and B2C markets. When I first entered the field of product management, I didn’t have much guidance on product outside my organization. I’ve since prioritized time beyond my nine-to-five to discover best practices in product research, design and development. In addition to my work as a PM, I also write about product methodology and maintain a book review blog. I’m eager to connect with others early in their journey and offer tips and tricks useful for launching a career in product. Let’s chat!

Ke Deng

Product at Google

Area of Expertise: Data, Design, Engineering, Leadership, Product, UX

Career Level: Mid

Ask Me About: Product, Career Management

I’m a product manager at Google in San Francisco. Previously, I was a product manager at startups. I got into product after graduating from Dartmouth College, where I studied computer science in undergrad. I’m available as a career advisor for students and recent grads who want to transition into product management.

Rosa Swaby

Product Manager @ Microsoft

Area of Expertise: Data, Design, Leadership, Product

Career Level: Mid

Ask Me About: Product

Rosa Lina Swaby is a Data & Analytics PM at Microsoft for the Intelligent Conversation and Communications Cloud team. She recently joined Microsoft and before that she was working as a front-end engineer at American Express on the Customer HomePage team for around 2 years. She is currently based in NYC and is a 2018 NYU Computer Science Graduate. When she is not working, she loves to cook and find new rom-coms to watch.

Alexandra Loh

UX Researcher at Etsy

Area of Expertise: Design, Product, UX

Career Level: Mid

Ask Me About: Public Speaking, Salary Negotiation

Currently a Senior UX Researcher at Etsy, where I help our native app teams ground their decision-making in user insights. Before Etsy, I was a UX Researcher at Morgan Stanley and Meetup. I even spent a year as a Product Manager, which helped me understand how user researchers can most effectively partner with PMs. When I was first trying to break into the UX industry, I did not have many mentors or peers to ask for advice. I am now eager to help promising researchers and designers succeed in this field, from finding that First Job to thriving in your role. Outside of work, I spend my time taking boxing classes, cooking subpar meals, and consuming content on the Internet. In my past life, I was a hip hop and contemporary dancer, as well as an avid amateur artist.


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